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Antarctic Zhongshan Station to grow technology contributed vegetable LED lighting plant

Author : Date : 7/6/2016 3:46:03 AM
Antarctic Zhongshan Station to grow technology "contributed" vegetable LED lighting plant 

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Fresh vegetableshas been plagued our Antarctic expedition "persistent" problem, in particular, the Zhongshan
Station, required a year of vegetable alone, "Snow Dragon" from China and Australia through the national supply, 
not only costly, and limited storage time. When the Antarctic into the long winter, the expedition team to rely on a 
limited number of winter cabbage and other vegetables.

Therefore, green lettuce, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and other small Zhuyuanyurun, was one of the most Antarctic
expedition team "luxury" dream. To this end, during the first 31 Chinese Antarctic expedition as "extreme Antarctic 
environment greenhouse vegetable production key technology research and demonstration" project 2014 National
Science and technology support program, one of the Great Wall Station and Zhongshan Station at the same time to 
carry out initial research experiments . Now thanks to plants such as LED lighting and other advanced greenhouse 
technology, this dream has become a reality in China Antarctic research station.

According to the 31st National Antarctic expedition team Wang Zheng introduced, vegetable greenhouse lab is a 
16-square-meter room, the entire greenhouse soilless cultivation techniques adopted by the vegetable-controlled
system to automatically control irrigation pumps, temperature and humidity, light and nutrients to cultivate liquid. 
For example, under the control of the computer, LED grow lights can be automatically adjusted according to the 
growth of vegetables, long time lighting; automatic irrigation system one hour nutrient solution injected into the tank 
every other; when the room humidity is below 70%, humidification system will Rooms within the spray mist.

In addition, in order to promote the growth of vegetables, vegetable greenhouse lab 24 hours a day to play soft music.
"Treatment of vegetables is much higher than the investigation team." Wang Zheng said with a smile.

"Due to the shorter growth cycle, easy to cultivate, and the yield, Zhongshan Station, the main cultivation of vegetables 
are lettuce, cabbage and cucumber." Wang Zheng said. In cucumber, for example, a cucumber vine can harvest an 
average of two days a cucumber, if planted 20, 18 players will be able to ensure that during the winter eat fresh cucumber 
on a daily basis. 

In addition, also try to grow a pepper, okra, tomatoes and watermelon, but the yield is too low, not too successful. Therefore, 
the study team members eat the most is lettuce, rinse it taste very good. After cabbage fried small amount, so mainly for soup. 
Reluctant to eat raw cucumbers, sliced ​​and fungus mainly do it with salad.