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The Netherlands will light a highway

Author : Date : 7/1/2016 6:15:12 AM
The Netherlands will light a highway 
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On a 500 m long road in the Netherlands, the traditional lights disappear, replaced by a series of daytime
sunlight, shone from the road markings at night.

This 500 m long luminous highway is part of the Netherlands Oss N329 road, the road paint added fluorescent
paint to achieve glow. These paints during the day and light "charge", the evening will be able to continue to
send the eight hours of light. As a result, street lamps and is expected to significantly reduce energy consumption.

The studio's founder Daan Roosegaarde revealed that the future they will also be given to the light-emitting
properties of weather roads that join with temperature changes in the color of the paint road markings, when
the temperature falls below a certain level, there will be snow signpost to this may appear to inform the driver
that the road surface icing. And wait until the temperature rises, these signs will disappear snowflakes.